For over a century, McLean has been a leader in the Heavy Civil and Marine Construction Industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region performing a wide range of marine and land based construction projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Bridge construction has been a mainstay of McLean’s portfolio since our inception.  We have completed over 200 bridge projects throughout our history ranging from small single span bridge replacements to large 3 ½ mile structures over water.  Our bridge portfolio includes water and land based bridges for both major river crossings and interchange bridges.   We specialize in all types of bridge construction including fixed, movable and segmental bridges. McLean has worked on over 27 movable bridge projects ranging from new construction to structural rehabilitations. Our unique ability to self-perform a wide variety of work including all types of support of excavation, pile driving, cast-in-place and precast concrete, movable and segmental bridges, structural steel and concrete girder erection sets us apart from the competition. McLean has regional offices and construction yards in Baltimore, MD, and Chesapeake, VA.  These impressive yards encompass a total of 40 acres with 2,000 feet of deep water bulkhead  and provide major logistical support to all our bridge projects.


Piers and Bulkheads

An integral part of McLean’s portfolio of marine construction projects has been pier and bulkhead projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.  McLean has regional marine construction yards located in both the Baltimore harbor and the Norfolk harbor areas.  Both these yards have 1,000 feet of deepwater bulkhead access and provide machine and fabrication shops to support these types of projects.  We specialize in piers of all types and sizes ranging from small timber structures to large precast concrete structures such as Piers 7 and 11 at the Norfolk Naval Station that service the Navy’s destroyer and carrier fleet. Our bulkhead experience ranges from small timber, steel and vinyl sheetpile bulkheads for public and private projects to larger more complicated steel and concrete sheetpile bulkheads for large industrial companies as well as public and private entities.  If you need help with the design and/or constructability of your structure, McLean has developed long standing relationships with engineering firms in both the Baltimore and Norfolk areas that we can partner with to help make your project successful.  No matter the size pier or bulkhead project, McLean has a local regional facility nearby to provide you with the services to keep your facility up and running or help develop your property so your business can get started or grow.


Specialty Services

McLean has always responded to the extensive variety of needs for our customers by providing specialized services. These services include pier and bulkhead installation and repairs, mooring and breasting dolphin installation and repairs, dredging, heavy lift, pile driving, structural erection, marine demolition and salvage, support of excavation and cofferdams, and industrial repair services.   McLean has regional offices and construction yards in Baltimore, MD, and Chesapeake, VA.  These impressive yards encompass a total of 40 acres with 2,000 feet of deep water bulkhead and provide major logistical support.  We have local business development personnel in each location that can provide you with “local hands on” experience to help you with your project.  These specialty service projects  have access to McLean’s large equipment fleet which includes large capacity barge mounted cranes and crawler cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 150 to 250 tons, barges capable of carrying up to 1500 tons, workboats, crewboats, and other ancillary equipment.  Our dredging experience features both non-contaminated and contaminated environmental dredging projects ranging from just a small quantity up to 300,000 cubic yard projects.  We have large capacity floating cranes stationed in both the Baltimore and Norfolk Harbors capable of providing single crane heavy lifts up to 250 tons and multiple crane critical lifts for larger capacity services. Our past heavy lift experiences includes specialty lifts for the port facilities in both the Baltimore and Norfolk Harbors as well as the United States Coast Guard and other federal, state and local governments and private business entities.


Design Build

Throughout the years, McLean has been involved in both design build and best value bid proposals. From the inception of our company, we have maintained close relationships with design engineering firms throughout our industry. Our founder, Colin McLean received commendations for his efforts providing constructability reviews for several significant projects in the Baltimore Area. McLean continues that philosophy to this day by working closely with our engineering partners to provide construction oversight and budget estimates to help facilitate their designs. When the construction industry turned to the Design Build delivery method a few years ago, it was a natural fit for our company. Our design build portfolio includes all types of bridge, pier and bulkhead structures throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. We just recently completed over 14 bridges under the design build method of delivery. We have been involved in a lot of “first ever” projects that range from the first NCDOT DB pilot project for the B&M Railroad Trestle over the Newport River to the first ever PPTA project for the State of Virginia for the Rte. 895 Pocahontas Pkwy Bridge over the James River, the first design build project for VDOT for the Garden Creek Canal Bridge, and the first ever P3 project in the State of Maryland for the Berth IV Expansion at Seagirt Marine Terminal. We have been very fortunate to have been involved in all these ground breaking projects and continue to focus on Design Build Projects as we move forward.

Why McLean

Maximize your Career Potential by taking advantage of the many opportunities available here at McLean Contracting Company. Whether you have worked in the industry for years or you are just getting started, you will find our Company provides oppotunities for growth and advancement. McLean's rich history includes countless success stories and all of them involve the hard work and dedication of our best asset, our employees! We hope that you will consider joining our team.


“This project was a textbook case for how to plan and deliver effectively”
-Virginia Department of Transportation

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